Michael Lyons: Hanlan's Point beach goers should not have to be nude

In response to the nude-only-beach controversy, blogger and advocate Jillian Page shared a story about a time when she was visited a naturist resort and “Mother Nature didn’t fully co-operate. The first half of the day was cool, and many people wore clothes to stay warm. Nobody criticized those who covered up—everybody understood the necessity. And even if it weren’t a necessity, nobody would have criticized anyone who chose not to remove their clothes.” It’s a positive, affirming attitude that Hanlan’s beachgoers could stand to learn from.

There are also those who just don’t feel comfortable going completely nude, or are working their way up to. The nudism enthusiasts, while likely passionate and well meaning, are tackling the issue in an inappropriate way. Tables, pamphlets, and respectful advocacy are a fantastic idea. Nudist and naturist communities organizing around the beach is fantastic. But forcing beachgoers to strip down is the wrong approach.

Like many of my friends, I’m a young person without much of a disposable income, a driver’s licence, a spouse, or children. The organized nudist and naturist community in Southern Ontario, geared toward families, is largely inaccessible to me.

But outside of my home, Hanlan’s is all I have. I go to the beach with mixed groups of friends who go nude or clothed, and there’s no issue. Advocating for a nude-only beach isn’t the answer—it only segregates those seeking to strip down without giving space for others to adjust. Without that space, those like my friend, who might come around to enjoying the option of going nude, will never have the chance to relax, unwind, and give it a try.

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