Sonia O'Bree shares nude maternity photo shoot to support women

With Instagram flooded with pictures of fit mums and tiny baby bumps each day, it comes as no surprise that women are feeling more pressure than ever to have a ‘flawless’ body.

But Sonia O’Bree, from Kempsey, New South Wales, hopes to show women that all body shapes are beautiful and encourage people to ignore the pressure to look a particular way – pregnant or not.

To prove her point, the 32-year-old shared a number of photos of herself at 34 weeks from a nude maternity shoot she had with Michelle Hamze Photography.

‘I hope my photos will encourage more women to feel positive and beautiful in their mummy curves… even if they are not mummy curves, find comfort and beauty within yourselves,’ she continued.

‘We are, each of us different from the rest. Each of us unique and beautiful. This life is so short, and oh so precious, embrace all that you are, slim or curvy, tall or short.

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