How can nude become the new normal?

Have you ever thought about that? I have. It is an interesting question with a lot of challenging hurdles to overcome before an answer is even possible.

We’re facing big ‘competition’ in our nudity, the competition of big bucks that are made off the ‘other’ kind of nudity.

Action speaks louder than words.

World Naked Bike RideTake this image for example.

A woman expressing what she stands for by riding a bike in as much nudity as she wants.

This image is from the World Naked Bike Ride in San Diego last year. These events become more and more popular, and there are more and more of them it seems.

That is a good way to put into action what we stand for, and at the same time it asks attention for the vulnerability of the human body, of people on bikes in traffic.

That makes 1 strike and gets attention for two goals.

Actions like these are wonderful and usually they are attainable for lots of people because many WNBRs take place in large cities. And large cities harbour large amounts of people.

Another way to make ‘the world’ aware that nudity isn’t a bad thing is pointing out ‘Read Naked Day‘. That’s every fifth of July (yes, we’re past that, I hope you didn’t miss it though!)


If you mention this to people who like reading it may open their eyes to other ways to read. Readers usually are eager for new ways to read as long as there are books involved. I have ‘converted’ a person to reading in the nude. Not all the time but at times. Little things are tiny wins, and tiny, persistent steps are what will take people a long way.

Another way of conveying that nudity isn’t bad is really simple. By art.


This is a painting by the very talented Susannah Martin. Okay, not everyone likes the same kind of art but this is an example I love using as I own this replica and I have it in my house, hanging on the wall in the living room:


People see it and will ask questions. And there you have another easy way to take the focus to nudity – because yes, most everyone will notice the bare breasts of the woman before noticing the monkey in the picture.

Show, don’t tell.

Something important in writing is ‘Show, don’t tell’. It means that you paint the image of what is going on instead of throwing down a list of things for the reader to make something of it.

You too can show and not tell if you want to teach people about social nudity and its benefits. Go to naturist beaches or resorts, pick up the atmosphere and relate that to others. Talk about your experiences if people seem interested. Invite them to go there with you. Usually at least once a year there is a naturist open door day everywhere where people can go and have a look without any strings attached.


I think these rather simple ways are the best (and also most affordable) tools to make our way of life noticed and accepted by the real people. Corporations couldn’t care less about us; they just want money. Politicians don’t care either. They just want to look good and pretend they’re doing great things. It’s us though, the real people, the ones that go around unclothed, who are doing the great things, for ourselves and hopefully for many others, by opening their eyes and introducing them to the true meaning of freedom.

Be happy and free, everyone. And be nude.


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