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I was born on the 25 of March 1981. I knew and became a nudist was in the year of 2007. Its not easy to be a nudist in Indonesia. There are a lot of thing that obstruct nudism here, such as religion and lack of knowledge about the differences between nudism and sexual activity. I have a dream that one day people will realize that nudism and sexual activity are not the same. So I wanted to share a perspective on clothes free living from Indonesia.

Indonesia is a large country divided by seas. It has a lot of islands. Indonesia also has thousand of tribes. But unfortunately, many people across Indonesian areas are not highly education. Still, there are many remote areas where people cannot  fulfill their education. So many people don’t have wide knowledge about things such as about nudism.

Many people, still think that nudity equals sexual activity. They only think nakedness is only for taking a bath or for sexual activity. They don’t know that there are many things that related to nudity.

I cannot blame them. There are many factors that created this situation, limited education, as I have said. They cannot understand about nudism because they cannot read. Religion is another reason. Religious leaders believe nudity is only for sexual activity. “Your body is the temple of God, so don’t make it dirty”, they say. But if the body is the temple of God, why we should hide it?

Beside education and religion, there are some people who like to “fishing in the dirty water”. They take advantage from nudity to fulfil their sexual need.

So, I think those three things are the main factors causing nudism cannot grow in Indonesia. For me, the only thing to change it is to increase the knowledge of nudism and spread it by using many social media or by talking to our friends. It is not an easy thing. But we can do it.

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