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We are all just collections of limbs and appendages, naked before the Internet. Some of us—or some of our devices—just may not know this yet. Curiously, it’s our devices that lag that lag behind in this regard. The Internet, as was correctly noted in Avenue Q, may be for porn, but identifying nudity is not technology’s forte. As such, content moderation is still a tedious human labor, and as Adrian Chen documented in his excellent 2014 Wired feature, it’s a soul-crushing search for dick pics—among other things.

So, here we are. It’s 2016, and as Clarifai “data scientist and NSFW enthusiast” Ryan Compton (yes, that’s his title) puts it: “the discovery of nude pictures has been a central problem in computer vision for over two decades. Potter Stewart’s “I know it when I see it” maxim doesn’t apply to technology. Devices don’t really see things—not in any conventional sense. Computers can recognize patterns, but that raises the question of what nudity looks like as a pattern. Humanity, as anyone with an Internet connection can tell you, has conjured all sorts of imaginative ways of being nude, so good luck with that one.

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