heidi stevens: naked trump statues are beneath us

We don’t get to be the movement that preaches inclusiveness — particularly around gender — if we embrace this type of mockery. We can’t, in good conscience, advocate for civil rights protections for transgender folks — to safely use public restrooms, for example — if we point and laugh at reproductive organs. We can’t push for women to fill more offices — political and glass — and then indicate that lacking testicles is a liability.

“Nothing is being said by the piece that is difficult for one in the current political climate to say — that Trump is a joke, or that fat people must be shamed, or that male bodies that don’t conform to masculine notions of genitalia deserve scorn,” Meghna Sridhar writes in a Feministing essay. “Indeed, the real naked emperors seem to be the installation’s smug audience instead, parading around in seeming robes of progressive politics, which actually, upon closer inspection, are their own naked delusions of open-minded, non-oppressive grandeur.”

More simply, she asks: “Are we really turning the tables on the oppressor, or are we continuing to stomp on the oppressed?”

The latter, I would say, under the guise of the former.

We can spend the next 70-odd days making our voices heard, agitating passionately and thoughtfully for whatever candidate we choose. And we can leave anatomy out of it.

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