Naked exercising


Yes. You know, this is where you get up and do things. And don’t worry, for now you can just read about that stuff. It’s up to you if you decide to do it or not. A nice thing about this post is: naked. Yes, you can read it naked!

What exercises?

Exercise-free-clip-artThis is a question I was asked via Direct Message on Twitter. What exercises can you do naked? The question surprised me because I can’t think of any exercise you couldn’t do naked. Speed undressing is hardly an exercise as far as I know.

It’s fascinating how little some people seem to understand about being clothesfree. The concept of having to wear fabrics (‘coverings’ as they’re called in Mirror Earth) is so ingrained in many people’s minds that doing anything without them seems to hit a mental roadblock. Iknow a naturist who insists on wearing sports clothes when doing his sports stuff – even when he has the option to work out at a nude beach! He’ll put on his sports gear, leave the nude beach, and come back sweaty and smelly. Good for him to exercise of course, but why can’t he do it naked when he has that chance?


tumblr_nudeexerciseYes, you can exercise in the nude and no, you don’t have to look like the chap on the left to do it. You don’t even need to make this your goal (although I’m not going to stop you if you want.

If you have any time available for yourself, and a little space, you can go a long, nude way. Gyms often tell you you need all kinds of equipment, weights, personal coaching and what not to do some fitness. They can come in handy but they’re not a necessity. Some floor space, a towel (in case your floor is hard) and some common sense so you don’t damage yourself is usually enough to get somewhere.

Put your goals where you can still see them and reach them. There’s not an Arnold Schwarzenegger inside all of us.

Simple and easy does it


Yes. That’s me. Doing exercises. Naked. In my living room. Not much in the way of equipment, is there? Sit-ups don’t require much. Knee-bends or squats don’t require much. Push-ups don’t require much. Nor do planking, or stretching and balancing exercises. Think of Yoga, that isn’t very space consuming either.

Do you see a pattern there? There is a lot you can do in a little space. There’s also a lot you can do in 5 to 10 minutes. My morning exercise routine started out with 5 minutes. I added exercises slowly, just what I feel I can do. They now take 10 minutes, and the effect is amazing.

And it’s all possible naked. If you have a bedroom with some space, or a living room where you’re not bothered by other people, there you have your naked exercising area all for you.

I hope the person who asked ‘what exercises can you do naked?’ is reading this too. A blog post with images about it is far easier than trying to stuff that in a few tweets.

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