Channel Your Inner Nudist and Get to Naked Yoga!

It is no secret that many believe yoga, like other forms of exercise, can help to improve body image. But some people believe the body positive energy is even stronger with naked yoga. In an article this weekend by Joanne Viviano, nude yoga instructor Amy Patterson explained how the practice changed her view of her body. Patterson said, “Prior to this practice I, like most women, really struggled with a lot of body-image issues and constantly not feeling like my body is good enough, not beautiful enough, not fit enough, not thin enough.” She explained, “And I come to this practice and most of those thoughts have pretty much been eradicated from my daily life.” In her classes, Amy encourages students to be “acting from a place of gratitude, taking this time to be thankful for your body for all the support that it provides you.”

Patterson teaches at Worthington’s Dharma House. Aaron King, the owner of Dharma House, was also quoted in the article as saying, “No matter what your body looks like, no matter what size you are, how much yoga experience you have, how much money. None of that matters when you’re in a room full of naked people, and we are all vulnerable together, and we’re all on this even playing field.”

Source: Channel Your Inner Nudist and Get to Naked Yoga!

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