Legal Hackette Lunches with the ‘Naked Rambler’

I meet Stephen Gough at the top of a hill overlooking Winchester prison, one of the jails in which he was incarcerated due to his desire not to wear clothes in public.Gough has cycled to the meeting point, which he selected. He is clothed in black lycra cycling shorts and an orange T-shirt — the latter of which quickly comes off due to the heat.After spending more than 10 years in prison because of his wish not to wear clothes, the 57-year-old former Marine has taken to dressing in order to be able to be a fulltime carer for his mother, who suffers from dementia.As debate rages about whether Muslim women should be permitted to cover their entire bodies when on the beach – a right which our hero ardently supports — Gough has found himself in trouble with the law for wearing too little.

Source: Legal Hackette Lunches with the ‘Naked Rambler’

curators’ note For a guy who has been made out to be crazy or just this side of it Gough sounds pretty rational and logical in this interview. If anything it’s society’s reaction that seems illogical.

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  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    He hasn’t been jailed for violating the law, because he hasn’t violated the law. He has been jailed for violating “social-convention”, and kept in jail because he has shown the world just how corrupt the legal-system is, and they don’t like it. He has shown that the legal-system isn’t about enforcing the law, but it is about enforcing “social-convention”. He is NOT crazy. He is quite brilliant.

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