wow: cultivate the “life” part of your clothes free life

For today’s Women on Wednesdays post, I highlight the importance of cultivating the LIFE part of clothes free life.

One of the things I know to be true about us women, is that it is never just about the “thing” itself, is it? Context and story contribute affect meaning and how we respond to everything in our lives. The same is true for clothes free living.

Over the past two years (and I can’t believe it has only been two years), so much has come up in all areas of my life as I have dared to live clothes free, heart free. I have seen my incredible beauty, strength, resilience, intuition, genius, love and passion. I have also discovered deeply-rooted fears, insecurities, disbelief, frustrations, anger, sadness and imbalances. Even today, I observed how fear continues to hold me back from manifesting the things on my heart.

For me, clothes free life was never about just getting naked. It went to the heart of the matter and touched everything in my life. Therefore, I urge women to cultivate the “life” part of clothes free living. You will need a lot of resources as you take these brave steps to stand before yourself nakedly, look at who you truly are and see what you want out of life.

One of the ways I cultivate the “life” part and surround myself with resources is by reshaping my social media activity. At first, I followed accounts and blogs branded along the lines of naturism and nudism. Over time, however, I found that most focus so much on the “Naked! Naked! Naked!!!!!” aspect of it, that it ceased to be helpful for me as I began to face some of the toughest moments of my life. What did it have to do with a career change? What did it have to do with navigating issues within my family or turning my life upside down and starting over?” After a while, I didn’t have any more questions about how / when / where to get naked as much as how to LIVE at this new, deep, intimate way of being.

Getting into the work of female artists reminded me of how we, as women, tend to focus on the whole “life” of things. For example, many male artists highlight the sensuality or sexuality of the female nude.  Female artists, however, usually focus on the story of the subject. And that’s how we talk when we hang out with each other, isn’t it? That’s how letters with my penpal go, and she and I are both folks who love living clothes free. But she and I don’t talk about that, because we already know that. We talk about naked heart stuff.

With that in mind, I urge women, especially ones newer to clothes free life, to really focus on cultivating the “life” of it. Fortify your world with things that support you throughout this deep self-study that clothes free life brings up, because it will happen. You will get so naked with yourself and you will shake up your world like never before. So, you will need to support your spirit, and for the most part, the “Naked! Naked! Naked!” accounts will not cut it. In fact, many will comment excessively on your body, others might say something inappropriate or send you a dick pic, because they just can’t help themselves. Or you’ll just get tired of seeing naked bodies without story (yawn), and then toss all this aside in 3 months, because who has time for any of the drama when, once you put down the phone full of naked strangers and their commentary, you find the other madness of life staring you in the face?

Here are some ways in which I take care of my spirit:

  • Aside from a few trusted & informative clothes free accounts, I follow accounts that:
    • speak to being an awesome black woman
    • make me smile (e.g. “The Daily Bunny”)
    • give off positive vibes (e.g. Lin-Manuel Miranda, MyPowerTalk)
    • make me laugh (e.g. The Oatmeal, other comics)
    • are awesome podcast personalities (e.g. Another Round)
    • are female artists I love (e.g. Susanna Martin, Kacy Johnson, Martha Anne)
  • When I meet up with my female friends to do naked yoga, we also just hang out and chat in the nude
  • I write my penpal about tons of things, not just about being naked

You might go to a new class or start a new hobby. It could be anything. Whatever it is, focus on cultivating activities and resources that nourish your spirit in-person and online.

Above all, remember that you are not just a naked body.

You are a human being.

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