top ten ways you can tell if you are clothes free living

This week we offer double helping of fun for the Friday Five with Top Ten ways you can tell if you are clothes free living -submitted by verygary


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Someone asks, "Aren't you cold?"


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You do your housework without wearing anything.


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When cooking if you don't need an apron, you don't bother wearing one.


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Of you are doing yard work and you don't want to get your outfit dirty, you slip it off.


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When you start a load of laundry, you check if you're wearing anything that needs to go in.


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You don't put anything on to do your morning stretch or treadmill run.


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You sleep, brush your teeth and hair etc without clothes


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Your pet notices if you get a new outfit.


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You keep a towel on a chair by the door in case someone knocks.


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And the number one way you can tell if you are an honest-to-God nudist at heart: You sing in the shower!

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