The Maryland Topfreedom Conversation (Hi, neighbors!)

I just received an E-mail from a female Marylander which opened with, “Hello… today I saw the OC Coastal Dispatch article regarding [topfreedom] and it mentioned you…”
And I was like… the what??

Because that’s one of my local papers!

And then I was like, well that would explain the blog metrics today🙂

Sure enough, Shaun Soper (who I have always respected as a professional journalist, and still do) of the Coastal Dispatch wrote a factual, non-sensational, accurate article about the Attorney General of Maryland’s pending opinion regarding the legality and constitutionality of female bare-chestedness and equal protection.

So… for all of you Ocean City/Eastern Shore residents visiting my blog for the first time as a result of Mr. Soper’s article, welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

Source: The Maryland Topfreedom Conversation (Hi, neighbors!)
curato’s note positive, constructive, non confrontational engagement can lead to positive results from those in power.

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