extending censorship to robots and traditional cultural dress

Few days ago, I received a picture from my WhatsApp group. I think it was a ridiculous picture. Why I said that it was ridiculous? Before I explain it, I will tell you what the picture was. The picture was a man walking with a droid behind him. It seemed nothing weird with the picture. But if we look closer, we will see the silliness of the picture. A robot with a revealing breast, and………CENSORED…!!!

Wow…!!! What kind of silliness (if I cannot say it was a “stupidity”) it was? BREAST OF A ROBOT WAS CENSORED BECAUSE IT WAS A REVEALING BREAST??? Oh boy…should it happen only because it breast looked like a woman’s breast? I didn’t watch the movie, and I think it was a woman droid. But, if even it was really a woman droid, should it censored?

Surely it was something stupid……as stupid as when we watched Miss Indonesia beauty pageant 2016. When they wore “kemben” (Indonesian traditional clothes that wear just as high as woman’s breast), and………it was CENSORED…!!! I WANT TO SAY, IT WAS VERY VERY STUPID DECISION…!!! Hey…!!! Kemben is traditional clothes, ok??? And it was the way you wear kemben. Why should you censor it? Do you think it was something wrong with wearing “kemben”? And if you think it was wrong to wear kemben, should we erase it from Indonesian culture?

In the broadcasting regulation, it was clearly stated that scenes that can be censored if contains pornography content. Besides pornography, there are many things that can be censored, such as violence, drugs, etc. The question is, does the breast of a robot contain pornography??? The worse question is, if the finalists of Miss Indonesian beauty pageant 2016 got censored because they wore “kemben”, does “kemben” contain pornography? It was too bad if because of unclearly culture, our own traditional culture considered as an inappropriate culture.

Censoring is one of many things that can be done to avoid criminal activity. But, we cannot do this randomly and carelessly. We must use it wisely. We cannot generalize something. If someone killed by a knife, should we say that a knife is a tool to kill? What about a chef that using knife to cook?

Think wisely before you do something.

Jakarta, cloudy afternoon, 5 p.m.

14th of October 2016


Aditya Dimas S

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