Freedom under sail – guest contributor Erik @viking_steel

This is our second profile/report from Erik who leaves the forest flora and fauna to share his sea bound clothes free adventures with us

After my first few of months embracing the new-found (for me) joys of naturism, realising the happiness I gained from exploring the outdoors clothes-free, and sharing my Australian wilderness adventures on Instagram, I decided it was time to come down from the mountains and out of the woodlands, and go sailing… naked.

A friend had mentioned SaltyBoys sailing – one of a number of naturist yachting outfits around the world – and I was immediately intrigued and excited by the idea. Imagine, seven days, sailing around the turquoise waters of the Greek islands, from secluded beach to historic port, following the winds, swimming at will, basking in the warm Aegean sun, eating well, making new friends, and almost entirely without the shackles of clothing.

Discretion and respect saw us don the shorts whenever we entered harbour of course, but otherwise we slept, swam, ate, cooked, read, chatted and slept again, just as nature intended. What was just a week of sailing felt like a month of the most relaxing holiday imaginable.

As well as being unbelievably relaxing, it was also very non-sexual, despite being a yacht of twelve gay men. The combination of a great fraternal dynamic within the group and a regard for others feelings, meant any intimacy that did happen occurred behind closed doors and in private, just as it would on any other trip. Further proof that naturism and eroticism are two very separate beings.

Of course, in the close quarters of a 55ft yacht, privacy would normally be a major issue, but with the absence of clothing the need for privacy almost disappears. When everyone is naked there is little to be private about and with that comes an even greater level of freedom, relaxation and comfort. There’s no rushing from the showers or awkward scrambling into underwear beneath towels. Where there’s no underwear, there’s no anxiety… just freedom beneath a sapphire sky, a brilliant sun, and the full white sails that take you to your next secluded beach on a peaceful Greek isle where clothing is a far-off thought.

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