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I like to go nude around the house and backyard. My wife and I do housework nude: vacuuming, dishes, laundry. I like to do yard work nude: watering plants, trimming the hedge (both sides, when I can), even mowing, hoeing, and weeding, etc.

In the house, I am probably undressed. I have learned to keep a towel on a chair by the front door. Recently, a political canvasser knocked on my door and I answered it holding my towel in my hand. As I stood in the doorway in view of the street, he began to ask involved questions, so I requested that he step in, but he declined, saying that he’d been instructed not to. I asked for a delay, reassuring him that I would return immediately, and, leaving the front door open, I snatched a robe out of another room and slipped it onto my shoulders.

I went out to the corner step at the bottom of our entryway, and we sat down angled to each other as I filled out his form, while deliberately letting my robe stay open. We completed exchanging information and before he left, I had to find out: “Were you bothered by my nudity?”

“Oh — not really — just mostly surprised.”

I would do this more often, butt we don’t get many visitors at the front door, so I am considering discussing this with family and friends, either in my home, in their home, or around town. Most nudists, try to go gently into the subject of nudity at home, or having others experience your nudity, and do not press this issue. Rather than asserting themselves, they kowtow to others.

Maybe you don’t think of this as surrendering to someone else’s preferences, though, in a way, avoiding any discussion is admitting that maybe you were incorrect and they were right.

When I discovered that it was better to go barefooted than to haul shoes around on the end of my legs everywhere I go, I started barefooting, but now, I have to wear shoes for other people. Some places require shoes, usually for no reason except that everybody wears shoes. The Missouri State Office building has a sign “Shirts and Shoes must be worn.” When I see a sign, I respect it. If I don’t see a sign, I respect that, too, until someone detains me, and I need to explain what I’m doing without shoes. In too many encounters, though, others do not try to be reasonable. If there’s any way to reason with another person, I explain that I have a debility (not a disability that businesses are required to accommodate under ADA), a debility in my feet, Plantar Faciitis, and try to not wear shoes except when required.

[Don’t broadcast this, but everyone has this condition to some degree.] Most people get enough flexing of the plantar tissue in the soles of their feet by slipping their shoes off to take a bath or go to bed. Rather than get into an argument verifying that there is no Department of Health requirement, nor an Occupational Safety/Health law for customers to obey, unless some clerk or manager suggests it, I merely explain my stance.

However, if a clerk insists that I’m violating some government requirement, I show him the documentation that I have on my iPhone. Apparently every business reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, but sometimes their reason is really not a valid reason. Many times, I am told that it’s “Corporate Policy” and then find out from their home office that it isn’t.

So — now to nudity. We are living inside a society that has evolved some practices that served in some past circumstances, so we slip through life with a minimum of disruption, leaving everyone assuming that ya gotta wear shoes.

Shoes are items of clothing. Everyone is a nudist to some degree. To some extent, each of us is a practicing nudist. If we use a number system from zero to a hundred, some extra-religious people may have suits to shower in so that their God won’t ever observe then naked, and others who want to go naked a hundred percent of the time will still be required against their will to cover up in court.

Where can you start if you want to discuss the reasons for being nude? If you live with a companion, start there. My companion, my wife of 37 years, doesn’t blink an eye when I dance around the house wearing only my wedding ring, but still hesitates strenuously when I encounter anyone else that way. This is really the first person to begin a discussion with. Understand your companion’s fears. S/he will not be required to understand your position, but you, — you, yourself, will need to!

It has come down to this — try not to scare anyone, just surprise them — it’s up to you to do this.


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