My Blooming

I didn’t choose nudity. I didn’t sit down and decide that here on out, I would prance naked, happily, in the sunshine, bathing almost in a sea of hedonistic euphoria. I simply followed a feeling, and I continue to choose this feeling, moment by moment – the feeling that always leads me here, enjoying the most intimate relationship, with my innermost being.

It wasn’t a long walk to freedom, but rather, a beautiful flutter. And the journey continues from flower to flower. I remember, as a child, pulling the petals off a hibiscus flower, lifting the septum, admiring the flower bit by bit. Examining, feeling amazed at how these little beauties, take their parts and just unleash such a beautiful spectacle into the sunlight, allowing, and enticing the birds and the bees to reproduce their beauty all over life’s gardens.

Such has been my experience, stripping myself, physically, mentally, spiritually, and treating myself as the wildflower that I am. Layer by layer, I peel away at my clothing, the walls that were mounted between me, and who I was taught that I was, hiding one from the other, I strip away at my ideals. I’ve found that at the very core, beneath the petals, the septum, the fluff, the roles, the costumes, I am love. We are love.

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