Our bodies are a great creation.

It’s not that often I post a pic of myself, but in this case I’m making an important point. As you can see, I am just a normal, young adult with a thin build and obviously an “imperfect” body, as the masses would say. As many of you frequent flyers who’ve been following me throughout my journey in nudism/naturism, you may remember how I’ve brought up my body insecurities growing up. Well now, I don’t really care anymore. I’m proud of the naked body I have, it’s who I am. MY BODY IS SPECIAL. SO IS YOURS.

It’s special because it’s part of the beautiful creation God put on this Earth. When God created Adam, he created him in his own sight. He created Adam special, just as he created the numerous other creatures and plants that roam this Earth. In the same way, he created me. He created all of us people, specially crafted us to perfection.

And yet, in our everyday life, in most cases it’s illegal to be naked in public. And most people out there are afraid or somehow freaked out by the sight of a casually naked person. Or in some way or form, human nudity is exploited somehow, as something comedic or sexual. It just isn’t right. I really don’t see how some people can receive rights, like womens’ rights or black people’s rights or LGBT rights or whatever, but we nudists can’t be who we are. And seriously, if we can show violence or display foul language on television without a problem, then why should the sight of an innocently naked person cause an uproar, and why must we blur or block out our natural body parts?

Source: Our bodies are a great creation.

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