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a-man-poses-with-a-magnifier-in-front-of-a-facebook-logo-onWe all know it. We all love it, and as proper clothesfreelifers we all hate it too.

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg and originally named ‘The Facebook’, has been around since February 4th, 2004. (See Business Insider info.) The place is popular. Billions of users, lots of traffic.

The big gripe that naturists, nudists and other clothes-free people have against that site is: their confusing, changing, inconsistent and close to moronic attitude towards nudity.


Lately I hear and see more and more people complain about the Facebook attitude towards nudity. Understandable, because they shove us out, leaving us no opening to show the world inside that place that nudity is not the same as sex, that nudity is actually a healthier way of life than being bundled up, suffocating your skin.


The little mermaid

Did you know that Facebook once banned a photo of the Danish ‘Mermaid’ statue that resides in the Copenhagen (Denmark) harbour since 1913?

Their reasoning for banning the picture was ‘The Little Mermaid is simply too undressed for Facebook‘. Right. Artists should consider putting clothes on their works of art. (See Artnet for reference.)

This is just one occurrence where Facebook has gone mad. I need to add here that Facebook later turned back their decision, but the fact that this actually happened says something about the social media giant.

In the same way clothesfreelifers are forced to either cover up, mutilate their pictures by blurring them or stamping Facebook-logos over the ‘dangerous’ parts as not to shock the tender souls who reside there as well.

Product, not customer

Something that most people don’t seem to get about that site is that they are not customers. They are products. Facebook runs on advertising, selling stuff. They are there to make money of their visitors which makes their visitors their product line. contract

Before signing up with Facebook you can read their terms and conditions. No one does, but they state that Facebook rules are the law on Facebook, and no matter what you want to do against them, once you signed up you have to abide by those rules.

Clothesfreelifers who complain about Facebook’s inability to come to grips with the real world should understand this. There’s the link. Go read it. See what you signed up with. And then decide if you still want to be a part of that place or not. Facebook is a multimillion, maybe even multibillion giant. A few thousand people who like to be naked aren’t going to make such an entity falter by screaming at it. Find places where you can express yourself the way you want, like at ClothesFreeLife. On Twitter. On Tumblr. Get a free blog at WordPress or Blogger. Just don’t yap at something that’s not going to hear you.


Be creative in what you want to convey. There’s no need to constantly throw pictures of nude people all over the place – and certainly not on Facebook. Talk about what you do.


P.Z. Walker on vacation.

Showing pictures can be nice. Showing pictures of pretty, young, fit, naked people can be nice. That however doesn’t cover the truth. Take off your clothes if you still wear them and look in a big mirror. Are you one of those pretty, young, fit, naked people? I am certain that at least 50% here will have to say no (or lie). I know I don’t count as one of them.

The blogs etc. that I mentioned are a great way to spout your feelings, express yourself, tell the world about your naked life. Write up posts. Put your pictures there (yes, your pictures!) and then dump a link to that post on Facebook. Experiment a bit with FB-posts, making them private, to see which images of your blog post will show in the preview. (The first image? The smallest image? The featured image?) You can use that knowledge, put a ‘safe’ image in the blog post, and then put the post out there for real.

Don’t scream that Facebook is limiting you. Facebook doesn’t care about that because you accepted their terms and conditions by signing up. Learn about their rules and find a way around them. Be creative. It can be done.


If you want to use social media to express yourself, there are other options besides blogs. There’s for instance which is for creative types. They have no problems with nudity (so far).

MeWe header

I just learnt about a new social medium called MeWe.

They might be worth investigating so I created an account there (it’s free). You can find me there as Paul Walker. I have created a group called ‘Naturists and nudists’ there too. Let’s see!


About the author: zjuzdmeorg

P.Z. Walker.
Author of naturist fantasy and science fiction, and clothesfreelifer. Advocating the clothes free life not only by writing about it but also living the life, as long as weather and circumstances permit.


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