Young naturists can have it all!

Regular readers might recall Roni has previously written about children in naturism to find out if they were happy being naked and what impact they thought it was having on their lives. The answers were all positive and included a gain in confidence and a better understanding of body image, being able to discuss personal matters with each other, with either sex and understand possible pitfalls of growing up. We decided to revisit the subject…

We’ve recently enjoyed our Family Week at Blackthorns and it was a very special week for our members’ children and grandchildren with lots of activities for them and the one thing that always strikes me is the way the group bond so well and work as a team. Where else would young teens help tiny tots play a game or run a race and make allowances for being slower? They bring life to the club and generate fun and laughter for all of us. It’s so refreshing to see such camaraderie.I spoke to a young lady of 13 who I first met at Blackthorns with her father when she was 5. I remember her as a confident and friendly little girl who came across as normal as any child her age with clothes on! She explained that in her younger childhood eyes she just knew that naked people were always happy, friendly and in a relaxed setting so she was happy to be there with them. She realises now that she had got to know far more adults than she would have normally. We always describe naturism as providing a common bond and it appears to be true, we become friends with a wide spectrum of people. She told me that because she saw a huge selection of naked bodies she accepted the differences in people without even thinking about it. This has helped her with her own body image and she is not striving to keep up with the “perfect” and often air-brushed images that are portrayed in glossy magazines. Looking back she tells me she took it as normal and was never fazed at seeing her father or anyone else naked and embarrassment, she decided, is all down to how you are brought up. She reminded me that we all have a body underneath our clothes, so why worry about seeing it?!
Source: Young naturists can have it all!
curator’s note :an idealistic view of the future

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