Spotlight on France – Naturism ‘comes out of the closet’ in France

Following similar decisions taken by the city administrations of Berlin, Munich and Barcelona, Paris city hall plans to open an area for naturists in a park in Paris next summer. The move comes after a recent controversy in France over the right of women to wear cover-all swimsuits on the beach should they chose to do so. To find out more, RFI went in search of people claiming the right to bare all in public.

The French like taking off their clothes. According to the French Naturism Federation (FFN) two million people regularly strip off in the country’s naturist holiday centres and beaches. Another two million German, Dutch, British and Belgians come here each year to do the same making France one of the most popular nudist destinations in the world.

But while Paris is internationally recognized for its haute couture, haute cuisine and omnipresent cinemas, it has yet to become the capital of naturism.

Going au naturel in the French capital is, for the moment, confined to the Roger Le Gall swimming pool in the east of Paris.

Three times a week members of the Paris Naturist Association (ANP) meet there for evening sessions of swimming, body-building, massage and yoga.

Source: Spotlight on France – Naturism ‘comes out of the closet’ in France

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