Embracing Pure, Raw, Naked You

All we see everywhere is censor, censor, censor anymore! What is with all this body-shaming? We were all born naked, right?

Body image issue after body image issue have emerged right before our eyes for decades. And it is my belief that a large cause for this is the fact that people do not feel comfortable in their own skin to begin with!

The human body is beautiful, whether it is thin or plump or tall or short, it is beautiful. And every single person out there should be able to wrap his/her arms around it and hug tight!

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Unfortunately, in many eyes nowadays, a naked body is associated with sexuality. But that just simply should not be the case! If more people learned to desexualise nudity, it could be looked at as normal, like it should be. The human body, not covered in clothing, should be revered, not slandered, not shamed, and most certainly not judged.

Source: Embracing Pure, Raw, Naked You

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