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While many may not put the two words sophisticated and naturist together that was the term that seems best to describe the person in our newest clothes free profile. We discovered Rover from Switzerland on Instagram where he shares photos of his clothes free travels. What caught our attention was the unusual (for social media)  look of his photos. Unlike so many clothes free selfies his photos have a classic sophisticated look and feel. They are show varied non sexual clothes free experiences. So what folllows is our conversation with a sophisticated naturist Roger and a small sample of his photos which share his clothes free activities.

[one_half] CFL When/how did you first get into naturism/nudism and clothes free life?
At the age of 17, I did extended biking tours around the area where I used to live. As a bonus I skinny dipped in the local pond to finally relax and enjoy the moment after a great workout. The more I had these experiences the more I wanted to repeat these great moments. So next step was to seek places where I can be nude more often. During winter time the saunas offered a great opportunity as they are nude over here and during summer I tried nude beaches or secluded areas to be nude.

CFL – What are your favorites clothes get away spots?
In Europe, I like Spain most as it offers a wide range of nude beaches and nudity is part of the culture in this faboulus country. In the U.S. I frequently visit Haulover and Playalinda beach. But the best of them all is the nude village in Cap d’Agde in France.

CFL – What do you enjoy most about being clothes free?
First it is to feel nature’s true elements: sun, water and wind and this touching my body for a 100% of coverage. Secondly I like the fact that we all become equal no matter who you are with, banker, joiner, farmer or CEO – we are all the same and see the most true picture of a human being when being clothes free.


CFL – How does nudism and clothes free living fit in to the rest of your active lifestyle?
It does fit very well and more and more. I do seek out more nude time in a first place but also try to promote the clothes free lifestyle where every and when ever I can. I am much more open about talking to non nudists and even share pictures of my journeys and experiences.

CFL – The images you post have a classic sophisticated look to them. Do you have any tips for taking good clothes free photos?
As we have highly sophisticated smartphones available, it is best to use it frequently whenever possible. I bought a flip cover to place the smartphone also on uneven grounds. But best is still having your partner at yourside being helpful to take pics of you.
CFL – You describe yourself as a golfer, swimmer, scuba diver and nudist what do you enjoy most about those activities?
All of them activities are out and about in nature and can be done clothes free. I did play one 9 hole golf course in the nude already and want to repeat that in the near future.

CFL – Have you or do you scuba clothes free?
I had the opportunity to scuba clothes free twice and I loved it very much.

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