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WarbirdOkay, I have no idea how to start this. Oh wait, just started it. Hello, you may call me J. and I have wrote this to show off some of my naturist characters of a possible comic series (or more) based in a universe called Earth-N (hmm? I wonder what the N stands for?). I plan on creating stories and other stuff too. Anyway, the aim was to combine naturism and comics, as I have been a true fan of comics for about a year or two, and I have an interest in naturism, so it was a no-brainer for me. Point being, I hope to encourage people to get involved with the project so the clothes free way of living in comics can become popular, and hopefully also getting people (mainly younger audiences) into both comics and a clothes free way of life.

Although, not all characters will be nude, most will be, or at least have little clothing on. Some characters will have little clothing, mainly for accessories or practicality, where others may be completely clothed (normally portrayed as a villain/villainess). Heck, I even have one villain who is living clothing. Anyway, I decided to portray those who wear clothes in this universe of naturists as evil for reasons like, taking away a sense of freedom or they are ashamed of God’s wonderful creation, etc. etc. Basically, clothing = bad.

Well, a while ago I created an art group on DeviantArt called NaturistArtwork, and it begun to rise in popularity, with artists (and sometimes models) sending in their art that they have been involved with. I started it because I realised that there was only a few nudity based groups which accepted all skill forms and media, and so I created a group that did, and still does. Despite it’s name, not all work has to be naturism based, but it all must have some form of non-sexual nudity (sexual nudity is not tolerated, and will not be accepted). Basically, it is a group for naturists (or anybody) who wants to show off some of their work to promote the clothes free life or simple, non-sexual nudity. So far, we have 45 members and 81 watchers, and we are still growing.

If you would like to see the group, just click on the link provided:

Checkout some of affiliates as well. They can be found on our group homepage.

Moving on. If anyone is interested in being involved either as an artist or a writer (I can’t draw, and I’m only an amateur at writing) or simply coming up with ideas or have questions to ask, send me an e-mail at

P.S. There is a massive event happening in December, I will be uploading stuff to DeviantArt every day in December, all of which is available for free. Consider it as my gift to you. DeviantArt account is jrrRichardson

About the author: jrichardson

I am a British-American Christian who has had an interest in naturism for a while. Though I am not a practising naturist, I do wish to be one day, but I do enjoy being naked as much as I can. I am unemployed, but wish to develop a career in photography and in the comic and film industries. Most of my work will be naturist-based, eventually. I tend to write about my work and geek culture when submitting articles to Clothes Free Life.

I am not ashamed in God nor His creation of the human body.

  1. jrichardson avatar Author
    J. Richardson 2 years ago

    I really appreciate this, I look forward to writing some more soon.

  2. Dave Sipe 2 years ago

    Many thanks for the link. There are many talented folks in this group. The one that as a nudist, caught my eye. Is the work of Ben1804.
    His work My Nudist friends is spot on what social nudity is all about. His scene of humor very good as well.

    • jrichardson avatar Author
      J. Richardson 2 years ago

      I like Ben’s work. Some of it is, like you said, very humorous. I thought his work was great, and there are others too. Anyway, I will tell Ben that people are liking his work.

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