INF is there a battle within?

Naturist Association Thailand was busy throughout the second day of the INF congress in New Zealand to decode the power struggle between the different member countries.

One battlefront was simple to decode – it was about if the countries, who contribute most money to the INF, should also have more voting power than the countries who have less members and therefore contribute less money. When it came to a vote, this battle was comfortably won by the rich countries, although a second vote showed that 16 countries against 8 countries favored the more democratic “one culture- one vote”.

Another battlefront was more confusing .It was about if it should be possible to suggest a candidate to a position on the board on the day and time the voting is about to take place – when another candidate has followed the bylaws and submitted all the papers needed three months in advance and in the three official languages of the federation. This was how the current Vice President Jean Peters was elected two years ago – carried to office by a secret agreement between the most vote heavy nations to field him instead of the lawfully fielded candidate. The Spanish motion to either scrap the rule that candidates must be announced 3 months in advance – or forbid last minute nominations from the floor – was met by a claim from the legal advisor that this was against European law. He could not show which law made it illegal but most members accepted his statement and the motion was taken off the agenda without being subject to a vote.

Source: Second day of INF … is there a battle within?

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