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My #transparenttuesday truth is that I started Remodel Fitness as a fitness brand, because I saw how effective strength training was at helping women break through barriers, see what they’re capable of, and build authentic confidence. I created it because I personally was in love with lifting weights, and I wanted to share that experience with others. # But honestly, fitness isn’t enough. # Strength training & fitness will always be essential tools in my toolbelt for helping women love themselves, but that’s all they are– tools. There are a million tools available, and you don't need to deadlift in order to love yourself and live your best life. (You DO need to move your body though. That's a non-negotiable part of healing body image and stepping into your power, but that could mean ballroom dancing, trail running, or yoga.) # Anyway, this is why I’m dropping the name Remodel Fitness from my brand. # This is why I’m building a new website as we speak, and why I spent 4k to meet with a business coach last week, to figure out how to transition gracefully & authentically. # I could make an absolute killing selling you fat-loss products with a body-positive spin. But this brand isn’t just a brand. It’s my soul’s calling. And I refuse to let it be anything less than my highest and most truthful work. # I will continue to transition into the inner work, offering tools and solutions to what I consider to be the real problem you’re facing. # And let me make this clear: I believe the problem you’re facing isn’t cellulite and love handles. I believe it’s a lack of true connection, joy, and freedom, due to the walls you’ve had to build to keep yourself safe here. # My job on earth isn’t to get you in shape, it’s to help you become aware of those walls, thank them for protecting you when you needed protecting, and then take them down so you can be EXPANSIVE and FREE again. ❤️

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