naked soul reflection – receive the gift

This week I had an opportunity to receive an amazing gift, but I found myself doubting the blessing. I kept thinking, “Surely, the sky is about to fall. I’ve been working so hard to figure all of this out. What do you mean there is finally a resolution? Surely something horrible is about to happen.” But…sometimes a gift is just a gift, and no goblins are going to come out and bite. (Do goblins bite? I don’t know.)

This week, observe when gifts come your way. Whether it’s that the weather was supposed to be freezing cold but turned out to just be cool (maybe mild enough for a clothes free moment!), or that someone in traffic allows you to cut in front of them… observe your life this week and see if you can receive a blessing without suspicion. (I know, I know, I think everything is suspicious! Even this post is suspicious!)

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