We went to our favorite naturist resort… with two textile friends

Remember, when I mentioned a few blogs back, that a colleague opened up to me about being naked at home a lot? He told me this after reading my blogs and seeing how Santana and I live our life in the nude. Unashamed, free, proud, honest and open. We started talking more and more with eachother. Not only about naturism, but also about our lives, our relationships, our insecurities and we quickly became friends.

Now, as I said, he lives clothesfree a lot. But only at home. I think it’s safe to say that probably nobody knows this. Pascal is a very open guy if he trusts you, but unless he has a good feeling about who he’s talking to, he won’t say a lot about himself. He also has a big and long history of being bullied. And not only in his childhood but even now, in the company where we work, there are still some ” colleagues ” who know where to hurt him the most. Pascal has always been big. And not because he eats 6 macDonalds meals a day, which a lot of people think when they see him, but for medical reasons. There’s something wrong with his testosterone, but also some organs aren’t working the way they should work. The end result of that, is that he started to grow. And that’s okay, atleast I think that’s okay. I don’t care how he looks on the outside. His inside, his character, his soul, is so beautiful… a lot of people could learn from it. If they would only take the time.

Source: We went to our favorite naturist resort… with two textile friends

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