World Nude Beach Guide Review

World Nude Beach Guide

 Like the previously reviewed iSwimNude, World Nude Beach Guide generates a list of nude beach options from an online  database based on your location.  The app opens to a map of the US and Canada with all the current nude beach locations 163 at this writing. Zooming in to a region or  area on the refines the list. Details for a beach location can  be accessed by pin marked by a N in the map view or going to the list view and choosing location there.

The detail view includes the name of the beach, a link to directions from Google Maps, a brief description of the beach, a rating and photo. Additional features of the detail view are a satellite map, an option to update or add information and add the location to a list of favorites.

The rest of the app includes a favorites list and the option to add a nude beach location to the database. All submissions are reviewed for accuracy and relevance according to information in the app. While it might not be sophisticated World Nude Beach Guide provides a simple but effective way to locate a place to go skinny dipping.

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