earth-N project free giveaway for December

december-1st-sylvia-elisasteinI had an idea, something where I could give back not only to those who help and support me, but everyone. I have decided that in each day of December, I will be uploading a file to DeviantArt which contains multiple images, and I do this to promote the clothes free life, my Earth-N project but most importantly, I do this for everyone. The files include 1 jpeg image and 1 png image as well as a colouring page. The last two (30th and 31st) will have a lot more, and I will publish a story which will go with all the images, which will be on the 31st.

I thought I would make it easier for everybody as well so that they can find them all in order, in one place. I will provide a link later.

I would appreciate it if you can spread the word, I want as many people to download them as possible. I do not want feedback (though, if you want to leave some, go ahead), I simply want to help out with promoting the clothes free life.

You can find all the files here:

J. Richardson

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