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model trainsWe enjoyed discovering the person who is the subject of this month’s clothes free profile. Discovered on twitter sharing his love for model trains,  building model scenery and livingnclothes free. His shares on social media reflect an authentic world view and expression of clothes free living. We hope you enjoy this profile of a “model” naturist Chris.

CFL – when/how did you first get into naturism/nudism and clothes free living.

I was fortunate in that I was born into a naturist family, Mum and Dad were always naked around the house when they could be, and most of my mothers side of the family were also nudists. Years later on asking, my mother would say they were not nudists and prefered to live a ‘relaxed’ lifestyle. I do remember a family holiday when I was very small about 5 or 6 and all the family spend most of the 2 weeks naked, this was some feat on the east coast of England. Not very hot. I like most teenagers turned away from the lifestyle to ‘fit in’ with my friends, but once I left home and bought my own place, it just came back naturally.

CFL – What are your favourite clothes free activities.
This is easy to answer, all of them.. if I can I will always do things without clothes.

CFL – What do you enjoy most about being clothes free.
The freedom of movement, no tight clothes around my middle and the horrible red marks when you remove them.

CFL – You have an interest in models particularly trains could you share something about your hobby.
Yes, I have always, from very little had an interest in the railway, and from a very early age had a train set.
At first like most boys I guess it was just a small circle of track with a train running around.
As I got older I became more interested in a large layout, of not just trains but all the infrastructure surrounding the railway. As I work on the real thing, my time with my layout is a time when im in total control, so nothing ever goes wrong. My layout is based in the 1970’s a time which I think was the best in railway history.

CFL -The man cave, what is that and how is that part of your clothes free life.

Well, the man cave is in fact the loft space of my house, it was the only free space for my layout which is quite huge. There is only one way in, up a ladder which means im left alone mostly. It’s not a specific part of my clothes free life as most things I do are clothes free, but I spend a lot of time up there so naturally im naked.

CFL -Anything else I want to share with the reader.

“Clothes free living is my way of taking off the world in my own controlled enviroment. The stress of the day can be dismissed with the removal of the uniform. I don’t advocate joining a club just to fit in, been there done that! Be yourself, take off your clothes and free your body, enjoy being you. Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable doing and don’t be talked into anything. Clothes free living is more about you, than anything else.”

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