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Some of you may have read the recent review of Harley Quinn issue 8. I will fight anyone who says Jimmy and Amanda didn’t do a good job. I thought I would expand on the links between clothes free living, naturism and geek culture, in particular comics and games.

First, comics tend not to include nudity due to certain restrictions, a few indie companies use uncensored nudity. Most depictions of nudity in comics are in a sexual context. However, some include nudity for humour rather than sexual purposes. For example the DC Comics series, Harley Quinn. Obviously, it would be better if the publishers, artists, writers etc. depicted the nudity in a non-sexual, serious way. That would help people to disassociate nudity with sex and also see it as something that isn’t particularly humorous. One example of some non-sexual nudity in comics is in the series The Possessed, a series published by Cliffhanger. Cliffhanger was owned by WildStorm, who merged with Vertigo and DC to get the modern DC Comics. In one of the comics I recently purchased, there was a character who was pretty much nude. It was only in one panel, but it wasn’t in a sexual context. Maybe this could still help the cause.

Earth-N/Kaza’s Mate, Gwenna crossover,


Other comics, like Marvel’s Sensational She-Hulk and Malibu’s Mantra, do include the occasional censored nudity. More modern series like the DC Comics titles, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy also include similar forms of nudity. In her own series, Poison Ivy sometimes doesn’t wear anything at home, which makes sense given the fact she is almost as natural as a human can be. Basically, naturism and the clothes free life we live, isn’t shown in popular comic series, and nudity is shown in a sexual context. Some people try to challenge the status quo by making webcomics, but no printed, physical comics include a non-sexual depiction of uncensored nudity. Some webcomics like Bare Pit and Loxie and Zoot (which are the most popular naturist web comics) and Kaza’s Mate, Gwenna. Some of us are trying to change things and get non-sexual nudity into the comic industry. I have project entitled Earth-N, which I recently did an article about.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, mod

Let’s talk about another part of geek culture, games. I used do lots of gaming until I took a break from Skyrim. Gaming can be fun, but again, nudity is not normally shown in a non-sexual manner. However, the beauty of PC gaming is that there are mods (short for modifications). These mods can change the game to make it better (or worse). The mods I am specifically talking about are the always popular nude mods, which is okay if you’re someone like me who just wants to make things a little more realistic or want to play as a character who is always naked, nevertheless, most people use them for other reasons. Some video games do include non-sexual nudity, but normally it will be the player character, and normally optional. Some games, like Saints Row, will have a mix of sexual and non-sexual nudity, censored and uncensored, but for comic effect, which raises the same issues as previously discussed. In other words, games tends to include anything which can give it an 18 rating, apart from non-sexual forms of nudity, apparently that’s worse than explicit sex scenes and decapitations.

To sum it up, the clothes free life is not normally included in what I call geek culture (comics, games etc.) and if nudity is shown, it is normally sexual, and thus having negative effects on society’s view of nudity and their body image. Like I mentioned about the comics, I am trying to change things, and I say if you want to help change things, support those who are trying to help. Spread the word, ask people questions, do anything where you can get people talking.

Now, it would be cool if my Earth-N stuff became a comic series or game. Well, I have high hopes. Anyway, hopefully you have learned something from this and to that I say, until next time. 

J. Richardson

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