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how to feel good about yourself – step 1 remove clothes

Sounds simple, right?

When I was a teenager, I would mainly be thinking about exploring warm sunny beaches, glorious mountain ranges or even just walking along a beaten track. But their was one common denominator – No Clothes. I couldn’t explain why but I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about being naked so I decided to give it a go.

I started exploring a local forest park and reservoir at night due to the confusing laws in the U.K and just enjoyed the comfort. Since moving into my own home, doing daily activities with no clothes on is just part of normal, everyday life. I recently visited my first naturist resort in Vera Playa in Spain and enjoyed the same feeling that I did all those years ago. It was nice to leave your room in the morning with  just with a towel, sunglasses and a hat.

I am often asked how naturism appealed to me and the answer is I enjoy the comfort factor. I am not worried about my body image and don’t see what is strange to have no clothes on. It’s just ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes when the weather and circumstances are appropriate. The activities are no different from what most people do in their leisure time, other than the dress code. You get to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds who enjoy being naked like I do.

One thing Naturism has taught me is to be happy and feel good about myself. Removing my clothes allows me to relax, take the pressures of every day life off and not have a care in the world. That is one of the great joys. I can see that through the many different blogs, posts and tweets that I have seen on my journey so far. So why not give it a go, it is can be as simple as, well, removing your clothes.


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6 thoughts on “how I learned to feel good about myself guest post DJ”

  1. buffdavid avatar David says:

    I am happy and feel very comfortable in my own skin and proud of my body when I am nude. I feel great about myself when nude with others and my fellow nudists are happy in their own skin, too. When I am forced to wear clothes, such as in a commercial establishment, I am grumpy and uncomfortable. The more opportunities for people to be nude not just at home alone or at home with friends and family, but also nude in public – at the beach, at the public pool, at the municipal park – the better off people would be. Living nude is not just a personal choice, it is an opportunity to really enjoy life.

    1. Naturist87 avatar D.J says:

      My trip to Spain really opened my eyes on how everyone can be so relaxed in a clothes free environment.

  2. James says:

    In a world of body negativity, damned if you do, damned if you don’t fit. Accepting our bodies, is a fundamental virtue.
    Well said that person

    1. Naturist87 avatar D.J says:

      Thanks for publishing this guys. Thanks James for the comments as well.

      1. Earl D avatar EarlD says:

        DJ thanks for the submission really apppreciate your words. I apologize for the omission of listing your blog. That has been corrected.

        1. Naturist87 avatar D.J says:

          No worries EarlD, glad to get an article published. Hope to get another one to you soon.

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