how naturism helped me go vegan

It’s a little over a year now since I adopted a planet based diet, one could say I have discovered being vegan and naturism go perfect together . At the risk of riling up the hardcore vegans, while I use the term vegan in the title tranparency requires I admit I am neither a vegan activist or purist. I avoid animal based foods in preference for plant based ones. I drink almond milk and enjoy non dairy ice milk, but on occasional I do treat myself to comfort foods like dairy ice cream. So it’s best to describe my diet as plant based.

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Before I made the switch I often thought about a vegetarian or vegan diet. I had lunch a a PETA sponsored event (ironically the worse vegan meal I have had), saw the case made by the PETA ads heard the points made by the vegan activists. I learned from yogis about the connection between [amazon text=yoga and veganism&asin=B002WEY41I]. I viewed the [amazon text=industrial farming&asin=B00942G4UA] movie, and read [amazon text=sustainability book&asin=1623367573].  However, none of those things made the difference in switching to a plant based diet. It was a deepened expression of naturism and experience of clothes free living that did it. My understanding of naturism and the connection between clothes free living and natural choices in life brought me to shift my diet to a plant based one.

How did naturism help me go vegan? There were two main factors related to the practice of naturism and clothes free living. The first is practical and personal experience. I love to camp and I go camping clothes free as often as I can. One of the most important factors to an enjoyable camping experience is the food. On one occasion I (the experienced camper) went camping with a friend who was an experienced vegan, something had to be figured out. Could the clothes free camping and cooking experience be a positive one if all the meals were plant based? Turns out the answer was a resounding yes! Four full days with three square meals all filling and flavorful and no meat products in sight. The camp food fare was not very different from most camp cooking, kabobs, tacos, and one pot hobo meals were all on the menu and no one went hungry.

clothes free campingThe second factor was doing all that cooking out in a field connected to nature and the environment cooking with a stove that used twigs for fuel. It made the nature and natural part of naturism real. The definition of naturism as expressed by the International Naturism Federation has been quoted often on this site. The connection to nature as a way of life seemed to be most fully expressed for me in a plant based diet.

“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.” • International Naturist Federation

I already had the experience of  nudity in community and camping clothes free but eating a plant based diet brought a life in deeper harmony with nature. This was the critical shift because I was connecting all of my clothes free life to nature. So often when people are exposed to naturism or nudism at first, it is seen as being about getting naked. That’s certainly how I first experienced it. But as my experience and understanding grew, it grew to be more about connecting. Through connecting with others and the environment in nature  the shift to being just seems natural. It wasn’t forced, it was prescribed by anyone it was just another part of my clothes free life falling naturally into place.

Now I have found ways to recreate most of my favorite meals using plant based ingredients. Meals have the same variety as before, chilis, curries, soups, stir fry, burritos, stew, kabobs, burgers and so much more. (See the gallery below) I have discovered that the best way for me to keep a plant based diet is to find ways to recreate the sights, tastes and smells that I am used to having in my food. I find recipes online, from followerson Instagram, twitter and recipe sites like Yummly (my favorite) and Allrecipes.com. The dishes are Caribbean, Indian, Mexican, European and North American. Simply put these days

vegan and clothes free

I’d rather be vegan and clothes free

My intent here is not to convert anyone or preach about the virtues of veganism. I will leave that task to others. I do want to express how the embrace of the naturist, clothes free life can lead to life changes far beyond just getting naked. For my part I’d rather be vegan and clothes free. Hmm that sounds like a book title.

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