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As I reflect on clothes free living, one thing that stands out is the power of sharing simple things. (CFL) has always promoted everyday clothes free activities. While many focus on the naturist / nudist labels, CFL focuses on lived experiences. Of course, I have no problem with people choosing to use those labels. However, I have found that lived experiences have a strong impact, particularly when introducing nonsexual clothes free living to others. As I have written before, my mom and I have shared clothing optional experiences both at home and in public. Recently, one of my closest friends shared clothes free yoga time with me.

My friend has known about my clothes free life almost since I first started. She and I already had a close relationship from supporting each other through many life joys and challenges. When I first told her about my clothes free life, she cheered me on. It wasn’t something that she wanted to choose for herself. However, she was, and still is, perfectly happy to share space with me as I roam about naked. Little did I know, she would volunteer herself for naked yoga!

I forget when this first happened, earlier this year. I was still living in another space that was not mine, but I invited her over for clothes free yoga. Offering naked yoga is something I’d been wanting to do, but couldn’t figure out how to put it together. So, instead of running public right away, I decided to begin with women I knew. She was the first! When the day finally came, I led us through 75 minutes of clothes free yoga. Afterwards, we hung out and chatted clothes free for a while, and that was that!

A few months later, now in my own apartment, I wanted to host naked yoga again. Even when the agent first showed the apartment to me, I knew I wanted to fill it with women practicing yoga clothes free. What I didn’t know was that my friend would come back and say, “Hey! Can we do naked yoga regularly?” That’s right, folks. My friend told me that she wanted to practice yoga clothes free with me on a weekly basis. It was such an exciting moment, because she articulated this on her own terms.

This past Sunday, we had our first clothes free yoga session in my new apartment. For 60 minutes, I led us through a collection of shapes with breath. There wasn’t much to it, really, nothing complicated or luxurious. We were just two women flowing together. It came fairly easily, because we both love yoga and practice everyday. So, yoga was a great portal for sharing a clothes free experience with her. It was familiar, and that’s what made it so accessible. We had a great time, and once we were done, she floated off to her next commitment.

My friend does not identify with any labels around naturism or nudism. She doesn’t normally march about clothes free. But, we were able to share these simple experiences, drawing from things that we normally love to do together anyway. It was similar to how my mom and I wound up sharing clothing optional experiences together: me naked, her clothed. She and I both love parks, so going to Hippie Hollow wasn’t too much of a leap.

Labels can cause anxiety, because they sometimes give a sense of needing to completely redo one’s life in order to live up to them. What does it mean to be a naturist/nudist? How does one dress on a cool day? What about hats? Sarongs? What are the rules? This is not to say that labels are bad, but they can be a challenge in some cases. Sharing simple familiar experiences, though, I find to be an easy way of introducing nonsexual clothes free living. Whether or not others choose to be naked all of the time, they at least have a lived experience of nonsexual social nudity. They can see how I behave and feel my energy. They are OK with the concept and with me roaming about nude, even if they remain clothed. That has a powerful impact, so my mom has told me from her experience.

There’s no single perfect way to go about it, in my opinion. That’s the good news, though, right? Many different approaches for many different humans! For the women and peers in my immediate circles, there is a desire to break free of labels. Many of them have had very painful experiences with being “boxed” into expectations imposed by some labels. Because of that, I am glad that these simple lived experiences resonate with them. They already know and trust me, and we have activities we love to do. So, those activities become perfect portals through which to invite shared nonsexual clothes free experiences.

It’s interesting, because at the end of the activities, they always say this, “I loved spending time with you.” They don’t care about the labels. They are just happy to have spent time with me, each of us simply being ourselves.

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