New Jenny Hval Video Applies Female Nudity to Everyday Public Rituals (via Flavorwire)

Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch  track “The Great Undressing” now has a music video — and one that very directly relates to its title.

I don’t want to overcomplicate the message; it’s my opinion that the audience should interpret this film as it suits them. I will, however, tell you what inspired me to make the film. From an intellectual point of view I was intrigued by what would happen if you watched a naked woman totally ignorant about her own nudity going about a normal day. Would she be perceived as a sexual object? Or would her nakedness and femininity become something ordinary and natural? I have not tried to steer the film in the direction I thought was right, it’s more of an experiment that you should be the judge of. From a spiritual point of view the film explores loneliness and isolation in a world where capitalism and blending in are the two ruling factors. – director, Marie Kristiansen

The track features a steady beat that indefatigably â


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