I Went Bare-chested in South Beach: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (via breastsarehealthy)

So what’s my topfreedom take away from South Beach?

I think it’s to say the obvious… that it’s hard to relax when you don’t feel safe. And watching the police and EMS basically shrug at the outrageous behavior we were seeing made me feel like they had basically given up trying to stop it. It felt like they had seen so much of this behavior that they didn’t see it anymore. It was normalized to their eye. That was very uncomfortable for me. It felt like no one cared about anyone else, like people come to Miami to forget their humanity…

I didn’t feel this way just when I was bare-chested. I felt this way all the time, no matter how I was dressed. With that said I was not sexually assaulted, unless you count the man who kissed my cheek without my permission and told me I tasted “salty” and that he, “mmmmm,” liked that. I was wearing a shirt at the time, for the record. I would have collapsed his windpipe if I didn’t think it would start a riot.

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