Nudists call for fewer clothed visitors at clothing optional beaches (via

TORONTO — Canada’s clothing-optional beaches are at the centre of a turf battle between nude bathers and their clothed counterparts.

Visitors to Wreck Beach in Vancouver and Hanlan’s Point in Toronto have reportedly been told by naked beach-goers they must disrobe if they want to stay.

Toronto’s Cailey Root said she found homemade signs at Hanlan’s Point this week stating that nudity was mandatory at the clothing-optional beach.


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curator’s note – This story continues to have life. The irony of the comments is the perspective on the non naturists are more in line with the accepted definition of naturism than the naturists.  
Naturist comment;”Having clothed people around can make public nudity difficult for some naturists” Seriously? How do naturists intend to interact with the rest of the world then?
Non naturist comment; “It’s everyone’s decision,” … “That’s the best thing about (clothing) optional. I don’t think anyone should ever feel forced to be a certain way.” – Isn’t that what naturist have been fighting for the not being forced to conform to the standards of the clothes world.

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