Help Stop Nudity Ban in Oregon State Forests | NAC Action Alert (via Young Naturists America)

The Naturist Action Committee has issued an Action Alert for a nudity ban in Oregon state forests. Read more & TAKE ACTION by Mon, February 8th!

Update April 2016 – Win For Naturists : At their meeting last month, the ODF decided NOT to adopt the anti-nudity rule for “Designated Recreation Areas” in Oregon state forests! The proposed rule would have banned and criminalized simple nudity as well as topfreedom for women. NAC posted an official update with this announcement on March 31st. At the meeting, ODF Policy Analyst Justin Butteris said he received 175 written comments from people objecting to the anti-nudity rule and zero comments in favor of it. Both NAC and YNA would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in. NAC said these comments “played a significant role” in getting the ODF to reconsider and drop this rule. It just goes to show…Never underestimate the simple act of writing an email and making your voice heard. There is strength in numbers. This is a great win for naturists and demonstrates the power of NAC’s grassroots activism


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