Convincing people to try a nude lifestyle. Why is it so hard?

Why is it so difficult to make people try a nude lifestyle?

Have you ever tried it? Have you ever seen the expression of absolute horror and disbelief that you even dare to consider something like that?

It seems that those two go hand in hand most of the time – and it’s getting worse lately.

I’ve been giving this some thought. (Sometimes I do that.)

The problem starts at birth.

As soon as a person is born, it’s wrapped in warm fabrics. That’s understandable because in that phase we don’t have the energy and body heat to sustain ourselves.

This however keeps happening. Hardly anyone gives this another thought. We have always been dressed, since ages (as far as memory goes back), everyone’s dressed now so we have to be dressed.

It’s kind of a genetic trait by now, or rather a genetic deficiency.

Habit, emphasised by the world at large.

Mental programming at its finest. That is the idea of having to be dressed all the time, even when swimming, which is ridiculous when you think about it. And I’ve seen younger people (at the gym) shower in their underwear. Seriously, what’s this world doing to people, messing up the minds of the younger generations?

I’ve mentioned air conditioners before. Those are perhaps the saddest reason for being dressed. When it’s hot you don’t take off your clothes to let your skin breathe. No, you do the technologically advanced thing and cool down the room around you to make yourself feel comfortable inside your clothing.

Things like this, promoted by the people in charge and stuffed inside your head through advertising, are the problem. Thinking outside the box is discouraged.

Most nudists and naturists I know have reclaimed that ability, either knowingly or subconsciously. They are aware of the benefits of the nude lifestyle. The ones who do this, who know this, will always run into problems trying to make other people see the benefits of this lifestyle we cherish. We know it’s good but the others don’t. They are caught inside their own world and consider us strange.

Nude by nature.

The odd thing is that people who won’t even consider naturism as something of this world will have naked animals around them. Fish don’t wear bathing suits, dogs and cats do fine without sweaters and long pants (although some people go overboard and dress those poor creatures up because it’s so ‘cute’). Those people have lost touch with nature. They have no clue any more that we are part of it and that nature-ism is entirely normal. Natural.

Breaking down the walls between their and our interpretation of normal is a lot of work. Still it’s worth the effort, otherwise the abnormally dressed will get too much power and influence and that might result in naturism becoming an even stranger lifestyle than most already consider it, or outlawed worldwide. We can’t have that.

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P.Z. Walker.
Author of naturist fantasy and science fiction, and clothesfreelifer. Advocating the clothes free life not only by writing about it but also living the life, as long as weather and circumstances permit.

2 thoughts on “Convincing people to try a nude lifestyle. Why is it so hard?”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    As long time nudist my husband and I find living nude most of the time completely normal and comfortable. Most of our friends, neighbors and family know of our lifestyle and have often said they are happy for us but have zero desire to join us. We have even allowed them to catch us nude on several occasions hoping they would see and understand the benefits of it. The biggest push back and complaint I personally have received is from our female neighbors, friends and family is that they didn’t want to see my husbands penis but they were not offended seeing me nude. So I guess the maleness of nudity is a big stumbling block for many which I find totally difficult to understand.

  2. Bill says:

    If you more comfortable naked
    Be naked. If I am at HOME I am usually nude.

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