poem – where are you?

A tickler to kick off the 5th annual clothes free poetry contest (April 1-15). Ready to share you? Details here: https://clothesfreelife.com/2017/03/28/5th-annual-clothes-free-poetry-contest/

Where are you?

Where do you go?

Strong stitches and cotton

Tight leggings and satin

Shield who’s below


Are you there when at work

Requesting and signing

Searching and clicking

Like everyone’s clerk?


Or when they ask

If you’re well or in hell

The truth do you tell

Or just smile as a mask?


But when you go out

Into sun, under trees

Passing ladybugs, bees

And layers shake out


Your spirit, it breathes

Light wind in your hair

Blessed flow of fresh air

Releases the sheathes


In strength you unfold

You lay it all down

Your soul as your crown

Quite a you to behold


You’re always there

Under stitches and cotton

Tight leggings and satin

Don’t have to ask where


You simply extract

Drop layers and ties

Open ears, open eyes

There you are, well intact


– hontouniheart

About the author: hontouniheart


  1. Pennpete April 1, 2017

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