Daring to Bare

Daring to Bare
Looking out the patio door at the thermometer
Watching through the morning
For the temperatures to slip past freezing
Into friendlier temperatures
The time to slip outside
Bare as the day I was born
Had arrived.
Feet slippered with nothing else
Offering protection against the still chilly air
Walking through shadows on the deck
Descending stairs to reach a bench
Beside the garage
Which offered a slight windbreak,
I stretched out with my back to the sun.
Slight whispers of cool breath
Slipped over my skin
As I waited for the sun to begin heating
Back and buttocks,
A neighbour opened her door across the lane
Peering out in search of her two dogs
Unaware that a man lay naked
Only a short distance away
Easily seen.
It wasn’t long before
The sun’s rays worked magic
And warmth became pleasant heat
Making the risk of
Daring to bare
Worth the moments in the sun.
By: Robert G. Longpré
a.k.a. The Skyclad Therapist

Robert G. Longpre / Skyclad Therapist

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