The strict taboos of Pharisee and prude
Convene to ban forever this array:
The pure delight of swimming fully nude
To Heaven’s gentle breeze and sunlight ray;

Return to primal fellowship with Earth,
Whose naked beauty glorifies her King;
Symbolic reminiscence of our birth;
Reminder how death strips off everything.

Where slanders of “obscenity” prevailed,
The naked truth again makes “goodness” known.
With fig leaves off, reality’s unveiled
In friendly fellowship or all alone.

Against our culture’s pornographic show,
Against concocted fears and tutored shame,
Our skinny-dipping strikes a lethal blow,
Spits out the first-fruit lie of Satan’s game.

Emancipated from that social norm
Which sprang from vain imagination’s ploy,
We witness beauty in our unclad form
With eyes that share our Great Designer’s joy.

To swim and bathe, as all did in the past,
In open air, in rivers, lakes, and pools,
Gives back creation’s final work at last
To nature’s dance, where God’s opinion rules.

— David L. Hatton, 2/12/2008
(in my book, Poems Between Birth and Resurrection (c)2013

David L. Hatton

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