A Look Inside the Bare-Breasted Bookclub Desensitizing New York: The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (via www.herreport.org)

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“The first time you do it, your heart races and you think, ‘Am I really going to do this?’” Alethea Andrews, cofounder of the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, recalls of her first time baring her breasts in public. “But very quickly it just feels… normal. Sensible. Like, why in the world didn’t I do this sooner? Why doesn’t everyone do this? You feel a weight lifted off you, and it’s more than just the weight of your shirt

Source: http://www.herreport.org/blog/2017/04/18/a-look-inside-the-bare-breasted-bookclub-desensitizing-new-york-the-outdoor-co-ed-topless-pulp-fiction-appreciation-society/

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