Naked Cooking? Why Not?

Hi…I’m back again, writing articles Β πŸ™‚

I’m still a nudist, and still love doing everything naked, including cooking a meal.

As you know, that as a nudist, I like doing everything, naked because I feel free, and I feel everything will be fine when I’m free.

Another reason is, I don’t have to be worried if my clothes will get dirty. If my body get dirty, I just take a shower, right? πŸ˜‰

Here, I just finished my cooking. I was cooking spicy tuna with the traditional receipe from Indonesia. See the recipe

I’m so pleased to prepare meals for you, especially Indonesian’s traditional food πŸ™‚

Please come to Indonesia, and I’ll serve you with my best  ☺ πŸ™

About the author: Verified member adityanudis

My name is Dimas S. Aditya, and I am a nudist from Indonesia I have been a nudist since 2007, and I became a nudist because nudism teach me about a) acceptance and b) respect of our life, as a present from God. Now, I'm working in an NGO about community development. I also work as a photographer. For me, join nudist social media is not only for naked, but also for share our nudist experience. I also like adventures, and sometimes I go somewhere to find someplace to go naked.

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