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Well, a while ago I created an art group on DeviantArt called NaturistArtwork, and it begun to rise in popularity, with artists (and sometimes models) sending in their art that they have been involved with. I started it because I realised that there was only a few nudity based groups which accepted all skill forms and media, and so I created a group that did, and still does. Despite it’s name, not all work has to be naturism based, but it all must have some form of non-sexual nudity (sexual nudity is not tolerated, and will not be accepted). Basically, it is a group for naturists (or anybody) who wants to show off some of their work to promote the clothes free life or simple, non-sexual nudity. So far, we have 45 members and 81 watchers, and we are still growing.

If you would like to see the group, just click on the link provided:

Checkout some of affiliates as well. They can be found on our group homepage.

About the author: jrichardson

I am a British-American Christian who has had an interest in naturism for a while. Though I am not a practising naturist, I do wish to be one day, but I do enjoy being naked as much as I can. I am unemployed, but wish to develop a career in photography and in the comic and film industries. Most of my work will be naturist-based, eventually. I tend to write about my work and geek culture when submitting articles to Clothes Free Life.

I am not ashamed in God nor His creation of the human body.


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