web comic Mission Nasaru melds sci-fi and naturism

I am a huge sci-fi if fan. I enjoy the genre in all its many forms, movies, tv show, books and comics. Being a a big fan of the genre I am doubly drawn to anything in the genre that incorporate clothes free life. The Mirror Earth series by P.Z. Walker is a perfect example. I enjoyed comic books as a kid and their more recent iteration graphic novels as an adult. They seem perfectly suited to the connection between naturism and sci-fi.  As I suggested in the past. However, up to now such a connection in comic book form only  from those who do not practice clothes free life. That is until Mission Sadaru launched itself unto the web. I discovered the web comic with naturism values while browsing the net.  The art and story are appealing and engaging.  A full review will be posted at a later date. Here I want to introduce you to the web comic Mission Nasaru through and interview with its creator Darren.

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Q – What is Mission Nasaru?

Mission Nasaru is a science fiction web comic with naturist values. I started the comic around the beginning of this year (2017). This last spring I started posting chapters on my website, with the goal to post a few every month. The comic is free and easy to read using mobile devices. If you are looking for a naturist fantasy world full of mystery and adventure you will love this comic.

The story is a about a man from earth named Jack that wakes up to find himself on an unknown planet. The planet has a society of humans that live very differently from people on earth. The peoples survival and ability to build an advanced society is dependent upon one resource, “nasaru”. Nasaru doesn’t appear to be native to the planet and neither are the people on it, which still remains a mystery. Jack is able to find purpose helping them uncover their past while he figures out where and when he is. The comic breaks up into separate stories from the time he is found and 5 years later when he becomes captain of a star-ship.

Q- What prompted you to develop a sci-fi web comic with a naturist theme?

For a very long time I would search for comics and other media that had a naturist theme. I was able to find a few good ones like Stephen Crowley’s Loxie & Zoot, and some on Comic fury. Others I found contained sex or adult content and not what I would consider naturist or nudist. I found with some naturist themed stories the plot revolves around “nudity” and not were they just happen to be nude. This always bugged me. Instead of highlighting the differences it would be better to show how natural it is. I admit this can be a hard thing to avoid. In order to teach naturist values one must have something to compare it to. Jack in the beginning of the story is doing the same thing I mentioned, but found it was necessary. After the story Found and Lost I plan not to mention the nudity unless it is important to the story.

I have always been a fan of Star Trek and other shows like it. Those classic and timeless stories that everyone can enjoy. I always wanted to see a naturist themed one, but could never find it. Thanks to the internet anyone can learn how to do almost anything now a days. After seeing it was possible to do I decided to make one myself in comic form. I remember telling my girlfriend “ It doesn’t matter if no one likes the comic, or if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. I just really want this comic to exist.”

Nothing would make me happier then to see other people produce naturist stories using any medium. Stories that don’t contain adult content and show how natural and beautiful clothes-free living can be.

Q – What do you hope to accomplish with Mission Nasaru?

At the end of this year my goal is to have the first of many printed comics to sell on the website as well as other fan paraphernalia. I plan to post the most recent chapters then sell it in printed form after the story is finished I would like to produce a full comic every year using this cycle. I have written the outline for the first 5 comics already. I want to appeal readers that like to read online for free, and people that prefer to buy a printed copy.

I am finding the possibilities to be endless and always changing. I think there is a market for this kind of material in resort gift shops and at naturist events. It has become easier for anyone to produce their own products to sell online. Now it is even easier with manufacturing and print on demand companies. that will even ship your product directly to the customer for you, comic books, action figures, clothing, towels, and more. Producing the comic is a fun and rewarding way for me to promote and normalize the naturist lifestyle for those who don’t understand it. Using science fiction is a unique way to show what it could be like if everyone did.

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Q – Tell us about the creative process. How is each issue developed? Are you the artist and writer?

When I started working on the comic I tried drawing the panels and characters, but i needed practice. Like most I wished I had thought of this years ago, I am in my 30s now. Getting the perspectives, lighting, human features takes years of practice. I wasn’t going to let it stop me though. I remember someone saying “Don’t be concerned with the art, focus on telling a good story.” While I practised and worked on the writing side I looked for other methods of producing the comic. After a lot of searching I found a way using 3D modelling. I plan to do a blog post on this sometime. It would be worthwhile to teach others how to do this.

I use a free 3D modelling program called Blender. I make all the comic book sets and scenes on there. I take a screen-shot and a freestyle render of the scene. A freestyle render is where the computer draws all the lines of the objects in the scene. I then take the 2 pictures and import them as layers into a free graphics program called Gimp. I draw and colour everything else. I even do all of this on a free Linux operating system. I am still learning all the different techniques with the programs. You really don’t need to spend lots of money to do this. Using this method makes it easier and faster to produce the comic. You only have to make the sets and character poses once and then you can reuse them in the future. It reminds me of playing with action figures when I was a kid and still just as fun.

As for the writing I take notes and do an outline of the story, then write a movie style script. The script changes lots as I translate it to the comic book format. My girlfriend is awesome at helping me edit during each step. I think the writing is my favourite part of the process. Just like the drawing it also takes practice, but will only get better over time.

Q – Why did you insert the Myers Briggs typology into the character creation?

It can be extremely difficult to write characters properly. Every person has their own way of talking and acting. The differences affect how they interact with the world and others. Using the Myers Briggs method made writing them much easier. It impressed me enough to do a blog post on it. New readers might not invest the time required get into the story and character development. I remember a reader mentioning that when he finds a new web comic, he goes to the cast pages first to see what the characters are like before even touching the comic. Summing up each person into personality types makes it easy for readers to get an idea of what the character might be like and then decide if the comic is worth reading.

Q – on a personal note can your share something about your naturist practice?

I have been a nudist since I was in my teens. Lived as one more after I was 18 when I got my own place. There isn’t much for nudist resorts here but went to the only one in Alberta a few times and swims that they host. Now a days my girl friend and I are home nudists and go to nude beaches in British Columbia when we can. We try and find places around here we can sunbathe.

Q – How can our readers support your efforts with Mission Nasaru?

The easiest way people can show support is to go to missionnasaru.com and checkout the comic. Help me build an audience by adding me on social media, and share the comic with others. I don’t have anything for sale yet but I do have a “support mission nasaru” link on the homepage. Any donations will help cover website and future printing costs. Links to all my social media profiles can be found at the bottom of my website.

Q – What does the future hold for this project? Where do you see it going?

I find the answer to this question is always changing as I learn of new possibilities and get to know my audience. It is interesting to see what other comic creators do in the market and then figure out how I can do it differently. Mission Nasaru is a fun hobby, but it isn’t my day job. To be honest even if the comic didn’t make any money I think I would still be producing it. It is very rewarding to create and share this story with the world. The universe in the comic has an endless amount of story content. And will only get better over time. What you are seeing right now is only the beginning.

Beyond what I have mentioned I think it depends on how many people enjoy and support the comic. I am looking forward to sharing as many stories from this universe as I can. And have no intention of ever stopping.

Q- Anything else you care to share?

I would like to say thank you for letting me share my passion for the comic and naturism with your audience. Being clothes free has so many health benefits for the individual and even more on a sociological level. I am honoured to be able to help promote naturist values.

I would also like to thank the people that take the time to read my comic and those who join me on social media. My hope is that some of you might enjoy reading the comic as much as I do making it.

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    Pennpete 1 year ago

    Thanks for pointing me to this great story. I’m also a fan of graphic novel, fantasy and SF, not to mention NATURISM. Yea

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