You Can Finally Be Nude in Star Trek Online Again (via Aabicus Archives)

Warning! Censored images of naked people in this article. Turn back if you’re at work!

The nude mod for Star Trek Online can trace its roots all the way back to 2012, when it was originally made by a GVZ user who went by the names meehee and thefunkyone, before his mods went offline due to the home forum shutting down. Lucky for us, somebody shared the file with budding modder Password42, who updated it for the (then) current game. He maintained it until February 2016, when changes to Star Trek Online’s underlying programming made it inherently unstable. Then it went offline, never to be heard of again…until now. Clamman5 and ‘The ZTS’ have rebirthed the long-dead mod from its ashes, rebranding it “The Nudist Generation” and releasing it to the public just this month. So if you do install this mod, take pride in the knowledge that you are joining a long and rich history of space-faring exhibitionists.


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