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This week’s Naked Soul Reflection episode invites us to simply listen to others.

Naked cyclists reveal concerns over safety and pollution on ride through city (via The Buffalo News)

If you noticed the bobbing nudists cycling through Buffalo on Saturday night, that was kind of the point.

“Out on the road, we might as well be this naked because that’s how protected we are,” said Marcüs Rebmann, standing in Day’s Park in just his flip-flops as he and a few hundred others prepped for Buffalo’s third-annual World Naked Bike Ride.

The 12-mile ride sought to educate people about how vulnerable cyclists can be, to celebrate the natural human body and to protest oil dependence and the pollution it causes. The catch — clothing was optional.

“More (backsides), less gas,” said one organizing volunteer, summing up part of the philosophy.

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You Can Stop Worrying about People Riding BikeTown Nude,”They Had Special Seat Covers for the Naked Bike Ride (via Willamette Week)

Thousands sweated through the World Naked Bike Ride last Saturday, a tradition that gave many a reason to stay indoors. The overbearing heat made seat covers a necessity—even for Biketown (pronounced Bike-y-town).

The Portland Bureau of Transportation came prepared, covering bikes throughout the city with specially-made seat covers and a free ride code for anyone who wanted to join in.

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What Hanlan’s Nude Beach Means to Toronto’s Queer Community (via Torontoist)

The beach will re-open on July 31 after being closed to the public since May due to extensive flooding.

Toronto Island Park, including Hanlan’s Point, will reopen Monday. In his announcement, Mayor John Tory said, “For many Torontonians summer isn’t complete without a visit to the Toronto Islands.” But for the LGBTQ community, this is an understatement. Hanlan’s Point is an historic LGBTQ site and, for our community, visiting it is a time-honoured tradition.

Running down the western coast of Toronto Island Park, Hanlan’s Point Beach has been flooded for most of the summer. Well above average rainfall since early April caused Lake Ontario’s water levels to rise higher than they had in decades, at times putting more than 40 per cent of the Toronto Islands underwater. The average Toronto resident probably found the loss of most of Toronto’s beaches for most of the summer distressing, but there are a few communities for whom Hanlan’s Point Beach is particularly significant.

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Dare to bare at this secret spot in Hanoi (via Channel NewsAsia)

Channel NewsAsia correspondent Tan Qiuyi takes you skinny dipping in the capital of Vietnam.

HANOI: I first heard about people swimming in the nude at the banks of the Red River two years ago. Nudists in Hanoi, Vietnam’s conservative capital? Bizarre, but true.
They’re an eclectic mix of retirees, teachers, labourers, lawyers, students, at least one evangelist, a policeman and an army officer or two. Many of them are already grandfathers, with children and grandchildren in tow. All of them in fantastic shape. The tight community calls itself the “nhung nguoi yeu Song Hong”, or the Love Red River club.

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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes For Nudist Websites (via Young Naturists America)

Many nudist websites today are outdated, poorly designed 90’s time capsules. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid for a better website!

It should be no secret that nudists aren’t exactly a tech-savvy group when it comes to using the internet. As we’ve said before, it’s like the mainstream is doing apps and email and social media while modern nudism is still writing letters.

Many nudist websites look like Internet fossils that were made during the dial-up days of the internet. They’re a sad mish mosh of ugly colors, patterned backgrounds and 90’s graphics. And on top of all that, they’re often difficult to use or navigate.

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A nude festival will be coming back to the South West in 2018 (via Devon Live)

If you missed out on this year’s Nudefest, don’t worry as it’s heading back to the South West next year.

Nudefest came to Thorney Lakes Camping and Caravan Park for the second time at the beginning of July, with hundreds coming from far and wide to disrobe, enjoy the countryside, and support local businesses and tourist attractions.

Now British Naturism, the festival’s organiser, has confirmed that it will be returning to Thorney Lakes near Langport for a third time next year.

Members of the Torbay Sun Club were among those who took part in Nudefest 2017 and they took part in a week of activities such as a cream tea, horse racing, dog racing and music from artist and bands.

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Back to Paradise, Elysium Fields: Topanga’s Clothing-Optional Club (via

Five dollars please young man,” requested the mustachioed thirty-something man wearing only flip-flops and beads. I handed over the money and proceeded to the men’s changing room. Slowly I undressed for this first time in public nudity, anticipation rising I joined the crowd in the park-like grounds. Even though it was 1971, still a bold act for a 21-year-old kid from the suburban conformity of the San Fernando Valley. Just ten miles from my childhood home, I had landed at Los Angeles’ haven of the liberated human body and mind.

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The Art of Compromise and Social Nudism (via Naturist Lens)

We have returned home from six sun-filled days at Green Haven Sun Club. Of course, I just had to check out the garden while there was still a bit of light outside. The garden is doing well though it is slower this year because of so many cool nights and almost no rain.

It is hard to describe just how good it feels to spend almost a week without clothing on. Only the cold mornings had us put on housecoats for warmth while we were at the campgrounds. I did have to dress for the drive to Regina for a book-signing event (sold 13 books) on Saturday, and again on Sunday evening when we returned to take our grandson out for a shared birthday meal at his current favourite restaurant, I Love Sushi.

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