What Are Nude Body Positive Activists Hoping to Accomplish? (via Observer)

Body positivity is having a moment, from Instagram accounts started by models to social media movements and hashtags embraced by everyone. But one unexpected body positive movement has come in the form of nudity—and not just online.

The idea of stripping down in the name of equality and body positivity is not a new one. From college campus underwear runs to nude swims such as the Sydney Skinny, undressing in public has always made a statement, albeit a controversial one. But it’s possible the plethora of unclothed activities and the popularity of #FreeTheNipple have made going au naturel far more natural.

Source: http://observer.com/2017/07/nude-body-positive-activists-in-times-square-and-dorothy-perkins/

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2 thoughts on “What Are Nude Body Positive Activists Hoping to Accomplish? (via Observer)”

  1. William says:

    What are they trying to accomplish? Its quite simple. The idea that its okay to be fat, ugly, deformed, etc. The body positive movement is just another tenet of feminism. The ugly truth (pardon the pun) is that part of feminism is based in the belief that pretty women get a bigger piece of the pie and therefore feminism is needed to help elevate ugly and fat women to get a piece of said bigger pie as well. If you push the idea that ALL WOMEN are pretty and beautiful no matter what they look like, then the fat chick with black hair, bad acne, and wears glasses; should get the same chance to have a high paying job as the skinny, beautiful blonde chick. Thus assuming that the only reason the blonde got said job is that she is good looking and skinny. Not that she was qualified for the job.
    Also body positivity puts the homely (ugly/fat) girl in the spotlight and hopes to raise her standing in the eyes of men and make her much more attractive to said men.

    1. Earl D avatar EarlD says:

      Thanks for the comment. Please be sure to share your thoughts on the OP

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