Celebrate Tunick the art that created 10 years ago in the Zócalo (via La Jornada)

Although it was an ephemeral moment, I have a lot of affection , says the New York author in an interview with La Jornada. On August 19 will deliver in San Miguel de Allende photographic copies to those who posed for his proposal Investment, 2016, which he developed at the Festival of La Calaca

On May 6, 2007, a total of 18,000 people posed naked for a massive installation of Spencer Tunick in the Zocalo of Mexico City (CDMX) and made history.

The number of participants was by far the longest recorded by the New York artist himself, who until then had worked with 7 thousand people.

A decade away, immersed in a digital world of digital photography in which things lose their validity very quickly, Tunick reflects for La Jornada on that moment that, despite being ephemeral, he has great affection, as well as art That I created that cold spring morning .

Read source: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2017/08/12/cultura/

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